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September 3, 2008

Mountain sculpture

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Over the Labor Day weekend I took the family to South Dakota to see the the Crazy Horse memorial and Mt. Rushmore.

I told my wife, “You’ve got to see the American art form of mountain sculpture.”

So new we’ve seen two of them, now we only need Stone Mountain, Georgia.

We started Friday afternoon and stayed in a motel that night. We made it to the KOA at Custer, SD, set up the tent and caught the Crazy Horse tour, ate at the Laughing Water restaurant (delicious buffalo stew – and they didn’t price gouge even though they could have.) Then we caught the evening Lakota dance show and laser light show against the mountain.

Monika was blown away, and so was I.

I saw it 21 years ago, when the mountain didn’t have any shape that even suggested a human figure.

Now it has a face, and I have to say if they never did another lick of work on it, it would still be impressive.

Next day we took in Mt. Rushmore – and I’ve got to say it was a bit anti-climactic after Cray Horse.

And of course, what kind of libertarian would I be if I failed to mention that Crazy Horse is being constructed entirely through private funds?

The family of the crazy Polack that started the project has actually turned down offer of millions of dollars from the fed, just to keep their independence.

We drove back a different route through the Black Hills, the first 100 miles took about a third of the trip.

No regrets. My wife said, “You have my permission to get a job in the mountains.”

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