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Sarah Palin’s emails revealed!

OK, go here

And I’ll even throw in Troopergate, go to Mother jones here:

Back now?

OK, anyone notice something?

There’s nothing there. The Gawker stuff is a lot of really innocuous private email correspondence and family photos, amounting to…?

Yet Gawker is displaying them with an air of breathless suspense, “See this! It proves she’s rotten to the core!”

And by the way, somebody got them by hacking into her personal email account.

(Hey I just realized something. These people really are scum.)

Mother Jones is on a bit better footing – but not much.

What they’ve done is ignore an obvious and simple explanation in favor of a convoluted one.

Sarah Palin fired a guy. She first offered him a face-saving sideways shuffle, and when he wouldn’t go for it, she apparantly allowed him a face-saving “resignation.” The first time she had to go on record about it, she tried hard not to say in public, “I fired the guy because he was insubordinate, incompetent and couldn’t bring himself to get rid of a state trooper who drank on the job, threatened to kill people and illegally discharged firearms from a vehicle.”

This is very thin stuff. However it is worth going to the site, because you do get to see that pic of Smoking-hot Sarah in a skirt leaning against a motorcycle, in front of a log cabin no less!

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  • dchamil · September 25, 2008 at 12:56 am

    Steve, your remarks about “Smoking-Hot Sarah” illustrate the adage that you may be old, but you’re never too old to look!

  • Steve Browne · September 26, 2008 at 11:57 am

    The urge to look eventually subsides in old age. It stops five minutes after you’re dead.

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