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Adventures in Vloging

I’ve probably lost a lot of readers due to inactivity on the blog. Partly I’ve shifted a lot of commentary over to Facebook – which is unfortunately largely ephemeral. But I’ve also branched into Vloging – video bloging.
Here is my first commentary of the recent election that now seems so far in the past. I’ll post more as I produce them.

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  • Olyvia DeCuir · January 29, 2017 at 5:47 pm

    Hi Stephen 🙂 You have a LOT of space above your head, so you can center yourself in the camera lens better. Also, wouldn’t it have been better to make your debut with an analysis more current to the moment? The election has been over for months….I do enjoy your writing, and I expect great things with your vlogging. Best of luck!

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