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March 6, 2011

All the news that’s fit to bury

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Over at the Huffington Post there is a story by a lady with the delightful name of Pigeon O’Brian about her quirky friend Lisa Druck – better known after a name-and-lifestyle change as Rielle Hunter.

Rielle Hunter is of course, the baby mama of former vice-presidential candidate and presidential contender John Edward’s love child.

Ms O’Brian, described as a publicist and former magazine editor, eventually broke the story after much soul-searching. The story of how she she reached the decision to break the story is actually quite moving.

The story of the hoops she had to go through to break it is infuriating. After being brushed off by at least two major media outlets, it was the National Enquirer that followed up, and eventually cornered Edwards in the rest room of a hotel where mama and baby were staying.

The mental picture of Edwards frantically trying to pull the door shut against the reporters and photographers on the other side trying to pull it open is one I cherish.

Whether to reveal a presidential contender is a gold-plated phoney should be a no-brainer to any journalist with integrity. And incidentally, de morituris nihi nisi bonum est, but the late sainted Elizabeth Edwards comes off just as phoney and far more ruthless.

But O’Brian wasn’t covering the story herself, and it was a sort-of friend who was involved. A lot of journalists were on the campaign/Edwards beat and knew what was going on with Mr. Wonderful.

It took the Enquirer to break the story – and this wasn’t the first time they took on a story the “respectable” media was burying with a back hoe.

That’s it, no moral to this story I care to beat you over the head with. Read the HuffPo story.

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  1. If the New York Times were Newstalk radio network, it would make NPR look right-wing.
    This kind of Orwellian reality control/manipulation is typical of the socialists.

    Comment by Ted Amadeus — March 7, 2011 @ 12:34 pm

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